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Unsolved: Wanted - Assault 1st Degree

Photos showing a stationwagon similar to the one driven by homicide victim, Kevin Dennehy. Photos show the vehicle from the driver side, passenger side, front and rear.
Basic Information
(Victim and Description
of Victim's Vehicle)
Victim: Kevin P. Dennehy
Amawalk, N.Y.
Make: 1993 Subaru
Model: Station wagon
Color: Gray
Additional Information
Incident: Assault: Hit and run, serious personal injury automobile accident
Date: Tuesday, May 13, 1997
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Location: Northbound lanes of the Taconic State Parkway (about 2/10th of a mile south of the Pleasantville Road exit), Town of Mount Pleasant, Westchester County, NY
Description of Offending Driver and Vehicle:
  • Driver: A white male with thick, curly hair.
  • Model:Pickup/sport utility with running boards - larger than a Jeep
  • Color: Blue or teal-green
  • Rear-mounted spare tire; tire cover had a turquoise design on it.
  • Below the rear tire there were four indiscernible, white letters.
  • Truck was described as very well kept.

Incident Description

Witnesses stated that the vehicle operated by the victim was forced into the median strip by the offending vehicle. After entering the median, Dennehy's Subaru overturned, he was ejected, thrown into the middle lane of southbound traffic and critically injured.

The truck that caused the collision left the scene without stopping. Witnesses stated the truck exited the Taconic State Parkway at the next interchange, the Pleasantville Road exit, and headed in an easterly direction into the Pleasantville, N.Y. area.

One witness stated that both vehicles entered the Taconic State Parkway heading north. On the ramp connecting the parkways, Dennehy attempted to pass an uninvolved vehicle on the right shoulder, but was unable to do so and fell in behind the uninvolved vehicle. The truck was directly behind Dennehy.

As the vehicles merged onto the Taconic State Parkway:

  • The uninvolved vehicle entered the right hand lane,
  • Dennehy proceeded directly into the center lane and
  • The truck proceeded directly into the left hand lane.

Then, the truck passed Dennehy, and he moved into the left hand lane directly behind the truck. Then, Dennehy cut back across all three lanes into the right hand lane, passed the truck, and cut back across all three lanes into the left hand lane directly in front of the truck.

The truck then changed to the center lane, passed Dennehy on the right and pulled back into the left hand lane directly in front of Dennehy. The driver of the truck then applied its brakes causing Dennehy to swerve into the median and overturn.

A second witness stated that the truck did not pass Dennehy the second time, but bumped Dennehy from the rear, forcing Dennehy's Subaru into the median.

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