New York State Police

Homicide Victim: Svocak, Dawn Andrea
head photo of Svocak
Basic Information
Race: White
Sex: Female
DOB: November 29, 1963
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 120 pounds
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Other: shoulder length hair
Additional Information
Last Seen: Time: 2:30 AM
Location: Blairs Bar, Plattsburgh, NY
  • Svocak was reported missing August 17, 1984 when she failed to return to her residence located at 71 Clinton Street, Plattsburgh, NY.
  • Her body was found on September 21, 1984, by a local farmer in a cornfield located at the intersection of ST-9 and Stafford Rd. in the town of Beekman, NY.
If you have any information, please call:
Agency: New York State Police
Address: Troop B, BCI VCIT, Raybrook, NY
Phone: (518) 897-2000
Agency: Clinton County DA's Office
Address: Plattsburgh, NY
Phone: (518) 565-4770
or e-mail the information to:
Please include your
name, address and
telephone number.
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