New York State Police

FAQs - Relocating to another state or county

Q - How does the law apply to licensed individuals from other states who move to New York and wish to posses their handguns here?

New York State currently has no reciprocal agreements with any other states and does not recognize any other state's licenses. It would be unlawful for an individual to move to New York State and possess handguns in the state without first being licensed by the county in which the individual will reside.

There are two options for individuals already in possession of handguns in their home state.

In either case, the weapons can only be lawfully brought into New York State via a licensed dealer in the home state shipping them to a licensed dealer in New York State from whom the owner may take possession.

Weapons personally brought into New York by the owner would result in forfeiture of the weapon and possible criminal charges brought against the owner.

Q - If a licensee was issued a renewable pistol permit and then relocates to a county where pistol permits are issued "good until revoked," does the pistol permit automatically become "good until revoked" upon transferring it to the new county?

No. While the Penal Law does provide for the transfer of licenses from one county to another, it does not permit the changing of the expiration date of the license when one has been assigned.

The license may be transferred and will remain in full effect until the expiration date has been reached. At that time the individual will become unlicensed, unless application has been made with the appropriate licensing authorities for a new "good until revoked" license.