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Position Information

Application Due By: March 20, 2013
Title: SP Director of Forensic Services, SG-M8
Location: Forensic Investigation Center
Albany , NY 12226
Albany County
Employment Type: Full Time
Work Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Work Days: Monday-Friday
Union Representation: Management/Confidential
Duties & Responsibilities: Report directly to the Assistant Deputy Superintendent-Administration. Responsible for the overall supervision, administration, security and quality of service of the New York State Police Laboratory System, encompassing the Forensic Investigation Center and three regional laboratory facilities ensuring the effective and efficient operation of the Laboratory System.

Responsible for developing and ensuring compliance with all official laboratory policy, consistent with related Division of State Police Rules and Regulations and administrative policies.

Responsible for accreditation of New York State Police Laboratory System ASCLD/LAB-International® and NYS Accreditation.

Prepare budget requests for personnel, facilities, equipment and instrumentation for the SP Laboratory System.

With the assistance of laboratory top and key management, establishes laboratory policy, procedures and instructions regarding examinations, personnel matters and other administrative tasks.

Responsible for the overall liaison functions of the Laboratory System with district attorneys, courts, police agencies and other government agencies involved in forensic and criminal justice services.

Responsible for maintaining contact with other laboratories in the State of New York in order to ensure continuity of efforts and help eliminate duplication in analyses of evidence.

Responsible for administrative oversight of all Troop Forensic Identification Units with regard to training, equipment, case review, technical procedures, safety and health, professional development, inspection and proficiency testing.

Responsible for oversight of the Statewide Automated Fingerprint Identification System (SAFIS) site, assigned to the State Police.

In conjunction with the Assistant Director and other laboratory supervisory personnel, reviews and authenticates official reports.

Oversee the preparation of all communication regarding laboratory business and correspondence.

Ensure that the management, operations, personnel procedures, equipment, physical plant and health and safety procedures of the Laboratory System have met, and will continue to meet, the established standards set forth by ASCLD/LAB-International®.

Monitor grants, including ensuring that appropriate grant funded opportunities are solicited and obtained. Ensures that the terms and conditions of grants are met.

Minimum and/or Preferred Qualifications: A Master's degree in a Natural or Physical Science, Administration (e.g., Public Administration, Business Administration or Criminal Justice) or Computer Science and ten years of progressively responsible experience as a forensic analyst/scientist, including at least seven years supervisory laboratory management experience.


A Ph.D. in a Natural Science, Forensic Science, Medical Technology, or Pharmacy and eight years of progressively responsible experience as a forensic analyst/scientist, including at least seven years of supervisory laboratory management experience.


Must satisfactorily complete a background investigation to be an employee of the New York State Police, meet applicable residency requirements, and comply with the New York State Ethics Law and the Rules and Regulations of the Superintendent of State Police with regards to outside employment.

Preference will be given to individuals who meet the following qualifications:

Advanced work to the level of a doctoral degree.
Trained as an ASCLD/LAB® Inspector.
Previous supervisory experience in a full-service ASCLD/LAB® or New York State accredited facility.

Additional Comments: The New York State Police Forensic Science Laboratory System, under the direction of the Director of State Police Forensic Laboratory System, provides all criminal justice agencies in New York State with state-of-the-art forensic analytical and investigative capabilities and expert testimony on matters related to the investigation, resolution and prosecution of crimes. Services provided by the system, as categorized by ASCLD/LAB-International®, include the following disciplines; Biology (Serology and DNA), Controlled Substances, Firearms/Toolmarks, Latent Prints, Toxicology and Trace Evidence. The New York State Police Laboratory System is accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board-International (ASCLD/LAB-International®). The ASCLD/LAB-International® inspects crime laboratories internationally, and its accreditation holds for a five-year period.

The system is comprised of four labs; the State Police Headquarters Laboratory at the Forensic Investigation Center (FIC), in Albany, and the system's three regional laboratories located in Newburgh, Port Crane and Olean. The State Police Headquarters Laboratory also houses the New York State Convicted Offender database and the Local DNA Index System (LDIS) for the New York State Police and serves as the control point for the New York State DNA Index System (SDIS) and as the liaison with the National DNA Index System (NDIS).


Extensive knowledge of the theory, principles and practices of forensic science; in collecting, examining, and analyzing evidence; quality assurance and quality control; laboratory accreditation; and in the prosecution of criminal cases.

Extensive knowledge of state and municipal laws, regulations, and procedures as applied to forensic science work and criminal investigations.

Knowledge of governmental finance and management accounting.

Experience in testifying in court as an expert witness.

The ability to provide leadership and to maintain harmonious, professional relationships with State Police personnel and other law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, and local levels as well as district attorneys and the courts.

The ability to plan, organize, direct and control the work of employees.

The ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, orally and in writing.

The ability to advance original research in the development of new and improved methods of forensic science.

Membership in professional forensic science organizations such as the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors, the American Academy of Forensic Sciences on the local or national level.

Working knowledge of applicable laws and regulations dealing with the effective operation of a forensic laboratory in New York State including, but not limited to, OSHA, PESHA, EEO and Article 49-B of New York State Executive Law.

This position does not require that the candidate have taken and passed a NYS Civil Service examination, or currently hold a qualifying position within the NYS Civil Service System. This position will be filled through a resume review and interview process.

Contact Information

Contact Name: Ms. MaryEllen Tedesco, Assistant Director of Personnel
Contact Address: New York State Police
Building 22
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12226
Contact Phone: 518/457-3840
Contact Fax: 518/485-2293
Additional Instructions: Kindly submit via U.S. Mail or FAX a letter of intent and complete resume.

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