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Position Information

Application Due By: June 3, 2016
Title: Senior Public Information Specialist
Location: Division Headquarters - BCI - Campus Sexual Assault Victims Unit
Albany , NY 12226
Albany County
Grade: 18
Employment Type: Full Time
Union Representation: PS&T
Duties & Responsibilities: Senior Public Information Specialist will assist members of the newly created New York State Police Campus Sexual Assault Victims Unit (CSAVU) in their mission.

The major objective of this Senior Public Information Specialist position is to assist in the conveyance of the unit's mission to victims, victim advocacy groups, college and university administrations, campus police or security, local law enforcement agencies, and the general public through various channels, including the news media and social media.


Prepares materials relevant to the Campus Sexual Assault Victims Unit for dissemination outside the agency, including press releases and articles for the news media and specialized publications, and graphic and audiovisual materials, including radio, television, motion picture and slide presentations.

Provides CSAVU members assistance in preparing presentations, speeches, letters, memorandums, minutes or reports on workshops, conferences and seminars, statements of policy, etc.

Provides planning and staff assistance for special events including news conferences, interviews, conference exhibits, workshops and seminars.

Prepares or works with outside specialists in preparing the necessary components of CSAVU Training programs and informational events. This includes arranging programs, securing speakers, graphics, physical arrangements, printed programs, and publicity for the event.

May take part in CSAVU events by making speeches or audiovisual presentations, chairing sessions, and working with the news media, colleges and universities.

Assist in the preparation of budget proposals for public relations/advertising items related to the CSAVU.

Maintains present relations and develops new statewide relations with representatives of the media, colleges, universities, other law enforcement agencies, and victim advocacy groups.

Explains agency programs and activities relative to the CSAVU. This includes providing background on news stories, encouraging the use of agency informational materials, as well as responding or supervising the response to inquiries from the public, colleges or universities, other law enforcement agencies, victim advocacy groups, the news media, etc.

Periodically reviews CSAVU publications and other materials produced by the unit and recommends changes in subject matter, format, printing method, distribution.

Advises CSAVU command staff on the most effective methods of preparing and disseminating materials for existing and new policies, programs and activities.

Any other duties assigned by the Director of Public Information.


This position requires:

Knowledge of the principles and practices of public relations.

Satisfactory working knowledge of and familiarity with the vast array of social media applications; especially those used at the collegiate level.

Knowledge of the use and limitations of various media needed to reach the audiences of importance to the agency.

Knowledge of the techniques and practices of verbal and written communications.

Knowledge of style, vocabulary, spelling and grammar.

Familiarity with the "Enough is Enough" legislation, the Clery Act, and Title IX of the United States Code.

Satisfactory working knowledge of the uses and capabilities of photographic, audiovisual, printing and other relevant equipment.

Familiarity with the New York State Police structure and rank.

The ability to edit the work of others, and to proofread prose and graphic materials.

The ability to develop effective relationships with persons and groups within and outside the agency.

The ability to write educational and informational materials clearly and accurately.

Minimum and/or Preferred Qualifications: A Master's Degree directly related to the Public Relations field;


A Bachelor's Degree in Communications, Journalism, Media, Public Relations, or related field and two (2) years of experience in Public Relations and/or in writing or producing content for various media.


Six (6) years of experience in Public Relations and/or in writing or producing content for various media.

Additional Comments: Starting Salary: $52,293.00.

Resumes will be evaluated to determine whether candidates will proceed to the interview phase of the process.

This position does not require that the candidate have taken and passed a NYS Civil Service examination, or currently hold a qualifying position within the NYS Civil Service System.

Contact Information

Contact Name: MaryEllen Tedesco, Assistant Director of Personnel
Contact Address: New York State Police
Building 22
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12226
Contact Phone: 518/457-3840
Contact Fax: 518/485-2293
Additional Instructions: Kindly submit via U.S. Mail or FAX a letter of intent and complete resume.

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